How Computer Security Has Evolved Over The Years

Hackers have become more skilled, and their attacks, more sophisticated and unpredictable over the last three decades. When large numbers of computers are affected, hundreds of industries can be slowed down, and hundreds of communities and millions of people suffer. The world is only too fortunate that cyber security has become more potent as well.

When the first computer worm wrought havoc in 1989, it succeeded in almost shutting down the entire web. It was a creation of the mind of hacker Robert Morris, and it made a lot of people realize that measures have to be taken that would allow good people to detect and prevent future attacks.

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Antiviruses were planned after millions of PCs globally were crashed by the Melissa and ILOVEYOU programs. Technology experts came up with a number of programs that could give notifications to users and quarantine harmful programs.

Today, antivirus programs like Norton Anti-Virus, Avast, Bitdefender, and AVG all update regularly to combat unwanted programs, viruses, malwares, and more cyber-threats. Even operating systems nowadays have their own built-in security programs, such as Microsoft’s ScanDsk program. Anti-Virus programs today are well-equipped to handle a variety of threats on a variety of levels. Cyber-security has even evolved to the point where security programs can attach themselves to separate programs for very specific types of protection.

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Author: Joseph Duzgun

Joseph Duzgun hails from Houston, Texas. He has participated in numerous programs such as Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses and is a member of the University of Houston Small Business Development. His company, Brighten Technologies, provides technology solutions and services to businesses, nonprofit organizations, educational institutions, and municipalities.

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