How Computer Security Has Evolved Over The Years

Hackers have become more skilled, and their attacks, more sophisticated and unpredictable over the last three decades. When large numbers of computers are affected, hundreds of industries can be slowed down, and hundreds of communities and millions of people suffer. The world is only too fortunate that cyber security has become more potent as well.

When the first computer worm wrought havoc in 1989, it succeeded in almost shutting down the entire web. It was a creation of the mind of hacker Robert Morris, and it made a lot of people realize that measures have to be taken that would allow good people to detect and prevent future attacks.

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Antiviruses were planned after millions of PCs globally were crashed by the Melissa and ILOVEYOU programs. Technology experts came up with a number of programs that could give notifications to users and quarantine harmful programs.

Today, antivirus programs like Norton Anti-Virus, Avast, Bitdefender, and AVG all update regularly to combat unwanted programs, viruses, malwares, and more cyber-threats. Even operating systems nowadays have their own built-in security programs, such as Microsoft’s ScanDsk program. Anti-Virus programs today are well-equipped to handle a variety of threats on a variety of levels. Cyber-security has even evolved to the point where security programs can attach themselves to separate programs for very specific types of protection.

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The Fiber Optic Cabling Difference

When installing cables for networks in big working locations like offices or schools, which kind of wiring performs best? Users traditionally have copper wiring at their home stations. Copper is less expensive, and generations of computer users have survived using it. However, more and more users are switching to fiber optic cables. These cables are more expensive compared to copper but offer several advantages:

More bandwith

Fiber offers greater bandwith than copper, and is standardized to perform over 10gbps. Fiber can carry bigger information with greater fidelity compared to its copper counterpart.

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Faster information transfer

There is very minimal signal loss when transmitting signal and even electricity because fiber optic signal is light-sourced, making for exponentially faster data transmission. Fiber optics do not have distance limitations, unlike copper. Fiber distances are determined by style of cable, network, and wavelength.

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Greater efficiency and security

Fiber optic cables are not as prone to damage as copper wires are. Users won’t have to replace these as frequently since they are made of strong glass.

Data is safer with fiber optics. An attempt to break the physical security system is not as easy. Tapping is easier to monitor because it leaks light, and the entire system will fail.

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Firewall And Network Security: What It Means To Your Business

Businesses depend on a lot of technology for their operation and communication needs. Computers used for online transactions are exposed to a lot of data and viruses that can bring harm not just to a single computer, but to a whole business network.


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An internet firewall is a device designed to protect computers from viruses and other unwanted data. The name “firewall” came from firewalls that were used to secure buildings from fire. An antivirus is different from firewall. Antiviruses protect a computer from unwanted programs while a firewall is designed to protect a unit from outside access.

Big and small businesses must have effective firewall to protect computers. A firewall can keep a company’s private information secure. It reduces chances of identity theft, private information leakage, and more. Companies without firewall protection are vulnerable to such attacks, which may compromise their operations.

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Information privacy is important not just for the company, but for customers as well. When companies are technologically protected, customers are assured that their information is safe.

Firewall protection must be part of an overall computer security plan, as well as malware and virus scanners, WPA security, and drive encryption. If a company does not have an in-house tech team, it is recommended that they hire a consultant for firewall setup and updates.

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